Getting on a weight-loss journey is a big decision. And not an easy one. Around 67% of the people who start, give up midway! And more than 80% of those who do make it to their targetted weights, cannot maintain and stay that way! Weight loss is not an easy journey. There are many challenges that you may be worried about. Many questions you may be wanting to ask the weight-loss dietician you are planning to sign up with.

Do you have these 10 worries about your weight-loss?

1. Will I have to remain hungry?
Will you put me on detox / liquid / crash diets?
2. Will you expect me to make big changes, in my food-habits and lifestyle?
3. Will I have to stop eating things that I like?
4. Will I have to join a gym or do workouts?
5. Will I have to buy any supplements / powders / pills?
6. I have a health-issue. Will I be able to still lose weight?
7. How much time will I take to get to my targetted weight?
8. I am a working professional. Will I be able to follow your plans?
9. Will I be meeting you or your assistant?
10. What about post weight-loss, weight gain?

If you have any of the above questions... don't worry... you're not alone.

Stay with me, and you will know that... can get to your targetted weight... look good and feel great... and remain that way even afterwards... without fearing failure!

But who am I and why should you listen to me?

Mumbai's best weight-loss dietician Sheetal Patel

I, Sheetal Patel, founder of Nea Zoi Consulting - The Weight Management Clinic, am a qualified dietitican with more than 25 years of professional-experience. I have worked with top-notch hospitals, gyms, health-centres and consultants... and helped hundreds of people, including many celebrities, lose weight and regain their health. With my almost 3 decades of practice, seeing weight-loss successes and failures of many kinds and after coming across almost every kind of question from weight-loss aspirants, I devised my approach:

It's an approach that answers all questions and doubts of a person going on a weight-loss journey. So let me help you answer each of your weight-loss questions and doubts:

#1: Will I have to remain hungry and go crazy?

Doable Dieting is all about understanding you, your eating habits, your lifestyle and devising a customized programme that fits into your lifestyle. No going hungry and crazy.

#2: Will your diet-plans include regular, home-made foods or will you expect me to make big changes?

Yes! My customized diet-plans will include regular, home-made food. And no! No making big/drastic changes that you cannot sustain, while dieting. And afterwards too! No cooking separately for you. No exotic and expensive ingredients. Only little tweaks... with full understanding and acceptance from you. Small changes that will get you your results.

#3: Will I have to stop all the things that I like?

Well. You can't be eating all that you have been and expecting weight-loss results! However, that also doesn't mean giving up all that you like eating (and know them to add calories). Included in your plans, will be things that you like. In quantities and frequencies that will not derail your weight-loss efforts. Like, once a week "cheat diets". I fully appreciate you would be having a social life; would need to go out for lunches, dinners and parties; and would like to binge once in a while. I understand that and will factor that in.

#4: Will I have to join a gym or do workouts?

If you like it, that would be great. But if you're not the gym going kind, going on walks would also suffice. You will, however, need to do some physical activity aimed at weight-loss. So be ready for that! Trust me, when it becomes part of your routine and you see the results in terms of weight-loss, more energy, better sleep etc... you will not want to miss a day!

#5: Will I have to buy any supplements / powders / pills?

Not at all! We have all the necessary immunity boosters, anti-ageing substances, anti-depressants and antacids in our regular food items, to help us get to our desired weight... in a scientific... natural way. There is no need for health-destroying shortcuts.

#6: I have a health-issue. Will I be able to still lose weight?

Many of my clients have health-conditions/comorbodities like PCOS/PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid etc. They are in fact advised to attempt weight-loss as it greatly helps in such conditions. Whatever your health-condition, you would specifically be taken care of.

#7: How much time will I take to lose weight?

Well that depends on how much you need to or want to lose. But the following chart will serve you as a guide:

Weight Loss in Kilos Duration Required
5 Kilos 2 Months
7 Kilos 3 Months
10 Kilos 4 Months
15 Kilos 6 Months

#8: I am a working professional. Will I be able to follow your plans?

88% of my clients are working professionals. With extremely busy lifestyles. And yet they are able to succeed. Because besides their will and commitment to make things work, I help them according to their specific situations. My clients successes.. your success... is my success. It's as simple as that!

#9: Will I be meeting you or your assistant?

Only me! And what's more - without any restrictions or conditions attached. No paying extra per sitting. Nothing. Zilch. Weight loss is a journey, where your dietician has to be your partner and your support. Besides your regular follow-ups, sometimes you may want to know what you can eat at a party or a dinner you are at. Or you may just need a dose of motivation. At all such times, I am just a phone-call away for you. I"ll be your partner in your journey, in the truest sense!

#10: How do I maintain my weight afterwards?

With me, weight-loss will be a life-style change for you! Together, we will work to make this journey about... your health... your vitality... a new you! We will plan your weight-loss to be enjoyable and your life afterwards not seem like a compromise. You will learn to live a healthy life naturally. NEA-ZOI ("New Life" in Greek)... that’s not just my brand-name... but also my attitude.

Note: The weight-loss with a dietician success-formula, actually boils down to 3 things!

#1. The dietician's weight-loss approach.

#2. The dietician's commitment to her client's success.

#3. The dietician's charges.

The dietician's weight-loss approach. My "Doable-Dieting" methodology.

No going hungry. No going crazy. No making big/drastic changes that you cannot sustain, while dieting. And afterwards too! No cooking separately for you. No exotic and expensive ingredients. No supplements / powders / pills. No health-destroying shortcuts. But a customized approach, tailormade to your specific needs and circumstances! With a commitment to your success!

The dietician's commitment to her client's success. My commitment to your success.

I will work with you one-to-one and will hand-hold you to your targetted weight-loss. I will be your partner-in-journey, personally accessible to you without any restrictions or conditions. Your success is my commitment. And my commitment is also proven with the way I charge!

The dietician's charges. My pay-per-kilo charges.

The weight you want to lose, is what you pay me for. Rs. 1,600 per kg. So, if you want to lose 5 kilos, you pay me only Rs. 8,000. If your target is 10 kilos, you pay only Rs. 16,000. And so on. You get the idea, don't you? And you know what? This approach works out as a money-saver for my clients.

Save almost 40-50% while reaching your weight-loss target.

With my "pay-per-kilo" approach, my clients save from 40-50% of what they would have otherwise spent. 10 kilos @ Rs. 16,000, for example, works out much cheaper than the time-bound packages of most dieticians. Also because with me, you additionally get a "double-period" assurance. Making it possble for you to reach your goal, without the need to renew or rejoin any (time-bound) package. You just pay once. For the total kilos you want to lose. Nothing more till you reach you goal. Because...

You get 2X the time you will need to get to your target, from me.

Let's suppose you want to target a 10 kilo weight-loss. Now that would typically take 4 months. But my commitment to you would be 8 months. Just 2X of the typical time. Without anything extra.

So you get my guidance and even the post weight-loss maintenance from me for the same period it would take for you to reach your target. This is how it works:

Weight Loss in Kilos Duration Required
(Package Duration)
Maintenance Duration
Total Duration
5 Kilos 2 Months 2 Months 2+2=4 Months
7 Kilos 3 Months 3 Months 3+3=6 Months
10 Kilos 4 Months 4 Months 4+4=8 Months
15 Kilos 6 Months 6 Months 6+6=12 Months

Get 100% results.* At 40-50% savings!

Get to your targetted weight... look good and feel great... and remain that way even afterwards... without fearing failure... or overspending!

So why not get in touch with me now?

You’ll love your journey with many of my clients have.
Meet some of them here.

And if you want, you can talk to them too (I have their happy permission).

Mumbai's best weight-loss dieitician Sheetal Patel's client's testimoninal where he says he reduced 10 kgs just in 3 and half months



Place: Andheri(West),


"As I was in need of fatloss, was browsing on internet for my diet consultant. Then I found the page of Ms. Sheetal which I found unique and good to go. Then I contacted her and I got a first free consultancy from her. She is the best in her profession. She stated me just one thing while starting "if I follow as per her instructions I can reduce 10 kgs just in 3 and half months" and the balance 10 kilos in another 3 months, but if due to some reason I can't reduce in that time she would extend till my weight reduces till 20 kgs. She is with simplified personality. I used to follow as per her instructions and I got my result just in 3 months. I was too happy with my result and with her diet plan. Her diet plan is too intresting by which we can't even get bored by following that diet. I strongly recommend without any doubt.”

“As I sit here to write about my journey (must say not an ordeal!) from being all roly-poly to being lean, I feel like scripting the commercials that we see during late night shows, “kya aap mote hai?? Kya aapko wazan kam karna hai??? Toh le aaiye Slim Banaye Belt…” Only if it were that simple! Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and coming from a typical Indian Family we believe in “Eating Healthy” during our term. Let me acknowledge; that when I ate, it was not just healthy, but fattening too. All those mother’s recipes of conceiving a Healthier, Prettier and Stronger child, it was I who ended up Healthier, Prettier and Stronger!....... (Read More)

Mrs. Brinda Sam Kanabar

Place: Wadala, Mumbai

Mumbai's best weight-loss dieitician Sheetal Patel's client Brinda Halani's testimoninal where she says I am Healthier, Prettier and Stronger!



Mumbai's best weight-loss dieitician Sheetal Patel's client Seema Shah's testimonial where she says I actually feel good after my weight-loss dieting



Mrs. Seema Shah

Place: Shivaji Park,


“I come from a huge Gujarati family, where family get-togethers happen almost every week. And eating is the way we bond. I was very worried about how I would be able to follow any diet-plan. My husband told me not to even try. Sheetal made it very easy for me. And what I most liked about her was she was so approachable. I could call her anytime I was confused or worried. And she not just ensured that I met my target but that I actually feel good....thanks a tonne Sheetal. My husband thanks you and wants to join you soon.”

“I am married into a strict Jain family, where we are not only NOT allowed to eat many things but also have to follow strict timings. Dieting seemed like an impossible dream for me. And with 2 small kids, I was not sure if I could follow the plan. I was terrified with the idea of starting any diet programme. Sheetal understood my challenges and planned things for me to make it both easy and possible. I am so motivated to follow the plan...only because the plan is working. I don’t even travel to meet her. WhatsApp and phone works for me most of the time.
If I can do it, anybody can! Sorry, if Sheetal can make it work for me, she can make it work for anybody.”

Mrs. Shivangi Mehta

Place: Malad, Mumbai


Mumbai's best weight-loss dieitician Sheetal Patel's client Shivangi Mehta's testimonial where she says Dietician Sheetal Patel understood her specific situation and helped her with her weight-loss



Mumbai's best weight-loss dieitician Sheetal Patel's client Rashi Raheja says Dietician Sheetal Patel helped her understand balance between workouts and dieting.



Ms. Rashi Raheja

Place: Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri(West), Mumbai
(Currently: Dubai, UAE)

Click-To-WhatsApp Her On:
(+91) 983-35-35-304

"When I first met Sheetal, I wanted to get into shape REALLY FAST. I went to her suggesting that she put me on a crash-diet. Sheetal dealt with me very patiently and with her I realized the importance of a balance between workouts and diet, not falling prey to quick-fixes and working on gaining overall fitness. She gave me the confidence that I could do it the right way.
Thanks for always being there when I needed to talk to you and see you. You made it easy. You made it possible for me. I am still the way as when I finished my programme with you in 2014! Thanks Sheetal.”

“I consulted Ms. Sheetal Patel in March 2017 when I contacted her for nutrition and weight-loss counseling. With her advice, I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works. She did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet. She taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. She also showed me how to increase my walking (thanks to my sedentric lifestyle) so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal. Through her program I stopped thinking about weight-loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life. In just 4 months*, I am pleased to say that I have lost weight (target achieved of 8 kgs.) and continue to lose more. I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals with Ms. Sheetal. She is an utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients. I am thrilled to be able to say that I chose her over others.”

Mumbai's best weight-loss dieitician Sheetal Patel's client Bhavikk Sanghavi's testimonial where he says that Dietician Sheetal Patel helped him understand foods that encourage a healthier lifestyle

Let’s talk. You will feel lighter,

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BHSc., PGDDAN (Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition)

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