Who Else Wants To Lose Weight (10 Kilos in 3-4 months)...
Without Going Hungry & Crazy...
Without The Fear Of Gaining It All Back Later On...
Within A Fixed & Affordable Budget...
In An Ethical, Scientific Way...
Guaranteed Or Money-Back!*

Here’s my secret-formula of helping you
achieve your weight-loss goals without failing!
Yes, without failing!!

67% of all those who attempt to lose weight, don’t succeed. They either don’t reach their targets and give up midway OR take much longer (to lose the targeted weight) than they should. And of those who do manage to succeed, most – more than 90% - get back all of the weight they had lost, kilo-by-kilo, inch-by-inch. Many a times, even more than what they had lost! Ending up being worse off than they were, before they started on their weight-loss journey...and feeling miserable!

Losing weight isn't easy. Keeping the weight off...very difficult! But what makes matters worse is that, in both these cases, people end up spending a lot of money on it. That is, they end up spending a lot of money on weight-loss failure...or on what I would call, weight-loss disaster.

It is a disaster, isn't it? Not losing the weight you set out to lose, or getting back all or more, if you did! And paying through your nose in both cases. Nothing short of a disaster, isn't it?

But you can be saved from it - from weight-loss disaster - with my secret-formula!

  • "I consulted Ms. Sheetal Patel in March 2017 when I contacted her for nutrition and weight loss counseling. With her advice, I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works. She did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet. She taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living.

    She also showed me how to increase my walking (thanks to my sedentric lifestyle) so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal. Through her program I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life.

    In just 4 months*, I am pleased to say that I have lost weight (target achieved of 8 kgs.) and continue to lose more. I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals with Ms. Sheetal.

    She is an utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients. I am thrilled to be able to say that I chose her over others".

    Very sincerely,

    Bhavikk Sangghvi
    Celebrity Astro-Numerologist, Featured Columnist, Film-Critic.


  • But who am I and why should you listen to me!

    I, Sheetal Patel, am a qualified dietitican with more than 20 years of professional-experience. I am one of the very few in Mumbai, with a bachelor's degree alongwith a post-graduate diploma in dietitics. I have worked with top-notch hospitals, gyms, health-centres and consultants and over the years, helped hundreds of people, including many celebrities, lose-weight and regain their health. I founded Nea-Zoi - The Weight Management Clinic, to bring to weight-loss aspirants, my unique approach, designed from my learnings and experiences of many years and many more clients .

    My secret-formula of saving you from weight-loss disaster.

    Most people aspiring to lose weight, want to lose weight FAST and LOOK VISIBLY DIFFERENT even faster! A sure-shot signal of impending failure. Because it simply doesn't work that way. But there are many in the market to cater to them and their kinds. They are ideal candidates for 'liposuction', 'tummy-tuck', 'fad-diets'... and all those “magic-formulas" that end up resulting in leaving people worse-off than from where they began at. If you are one of them, STOP RIGHT HERE and SIGN OFF...BECAUSE YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR TIME, with me!


    Great! If you are still here, let’s understand my secret-formula!

    My secret-formula makes weight-loss
    very easy, very effective and also very cost-effective.*

    Hey, I am sorry if I have given you any wrong ideas! I don’t have any abracadabra-formula, any elixir. What I do have, and what most other dieticians would never ever want to have is – an approach that is COMMITTED TO RESULTS. Yes, I commit to outcomes. And because it's so effective and yet so rare... almost non-existing...is the reason I call it "a secret".

    So, here's my secret: When you come to me, and we determine the ideal weight you should lose, I will commit to making you achieve that. I will walk with you, hold your hand, guide you, motivate you, plan and replan your diets ...and will be with you, till you achieve your results. No matter how much effort, no matter how much time it takes to do that. So if, for example, you have to lose 10 kilos, I will ensure you lose 10 kilos. And I will help you achieve that without any stress, without any sleepless nights, without going hungry and crazy with “only-fruits-kind-of-fad-diets”, without requiring you to do rigorous exercises. I'll help you succeed, in fact, by understanding you, your life, your challenges and by making a plan that is as easy to follow as any of your normal days!

    “Losing weight without losing one's mind” is my approach.

    And with me you'll end up achieving your weight-loss goals
    without burning a hole in your pocket!*

    Unlike all others, I neither sell time-sensitive packages (like 1/3/6 months' packages) nor do I meet you on pay-per-appointment/pay-per-visit basis.

    I commit to results...I ensure you get the results ....and you also pay me for results!

    I charge on pay-per-kilo basis, unlike on the pay-per-time basis, that almost all others charge on. And which turns out to be much more expensive.

    Here's how it works: When a client signs up with me, I start by calculating what her target should be i.e. the total weight she needs to lose. The fees payable works out this way: “Target x Rs. 1,000 Per Kg.”. So, if your target is 10 kgs, you pay Rs. 10,000. If it’s 15 kgs, you pay Rs. 15,000. If it's 20 kgs., you pay Rs. 20,000. And hey, if your target is 6 kgs, you pay just Rs. 6,000.

    You pay me only once, not every time you come and see me, nor after every 1/3/6 months. If you take more time, for whatever reasons, no problems. If you need to take a break or breaks, no problems. I will remain committed to the target. No time-limits, no renewals, no extra charges. And you can call me or meet me, as many times as you want. No restrictions on that too. I will be available to you always…without conditions!

    Get results or your money back!

    That’s right! With me, you get results or you simply ask for your money back. No conditions apply. If during your weight-loss journey with me, you feel you don’t wish to continue, you simply ask for your money back. The full, 100%, every Rupee that you paid me. So even if we'd have travelled some distance together...and you would have lost some weight with me, but don’t want to continue...just let me know. I will refund 100% of the money you paid me, with a smile!


    For two reasons:

    One, I have 100% confidence in my ability to make you lose weight without burning/tiring you out. And thus you will happily continue with me till you achieve your results. I have a 97% success-ratio in my more than 20 years’ experience. With me, you will not only experience weight-loss, but will also experience new energy, positivity, freshness. And will also start receiving compliments…all of which will energize you to continue till you achieve your goal, till you achieve success!

    And two, if you still don’t want to continue...honestly...I don’t want your money. I want to earn “happy money”, your love and your respect!

    Get results. Remain that way.
    Or come back to me for FREE!

    My diet-programmes are designed to be “life-altering”. I don’t believe and put my clients on crash-diets that will see fast and rapid weight-loss, only to then result in all of what was lost to come back with a vengeance. And more!

    With me, you will lose weight and will remain that way. But, in case, you do put some or all of it back (like post-pregnancy weight-gain), you can approach me once again, for FREE. No fees payable this time. And like the first time, there will be no time-limits to it. You can approach me anytime, even after years. I will give you FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to me. No conditions apply. Together we will work to get you back to your ideal weight, once again. And I promise you, you will not find an iota of a difference in the way I took care of you earlier and now.

    Take action now. I'll reward you with my FAST-ACTION BONUS!

    Do you know one of the most important secrets of success?

    Taking action!

    And the secret of seeing success FAST?

    Taking action NOW!

    Not tomorrow. Not next-week. Not after that vacation/event. There is a certain magic in "NOW". If you take action now, you tell your mind how keen you are to do it. The mind takes that signal, the resistance starts dissipating and you find yourself moving effortlessly towards your goal. Your mind starts supporting you. But if you procrastinate, your mind will take over and will keep telling you, "Tomorrow"... "Next Week"... And it will make you keeping waiting! Haven't you experienced that? (There's this little devil in each one of us, that keeps us from doing what is good for us - by giving us temptations and excuses, and his best targets are people who want to lose weight!).

    If this gives you one more reason to take action NOW, I want to make this even more rewarding for you - financially . So here's the deal - Go ahead and book a FREE 45 MINUTES' CONSULTATION with me. And do that with a pre-payment of Rs. 5,000. When you do that, I will charge you at Rs. 750 per kg., instead of the regular Rs. 1,000 per kg.

    So, for 10 kgs. you pay Rs. 7,500 instead of Rs. 10,000 (saving Rs. 2,500).

    For 15 kgs. you pay Rs. 11,250 instead of Rs. 15,000 (saving Rs. 3,750).

    For 20 kgs. you pay Rs. 15,000 instead of Rs. 20,000 (saving Rs. 5,000)...and so on.

    You get it, don't you?

    It can't get better, can it?

    But why this offer? Because I want you to not put calling me in your "things-to-do-list" and then, let it remain there.

    So hurry! I may not keep this offer for long!

    Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to push you. Not the least! But there is a limit to the number of people I can offer this to! So I will have to pull this down sometime! Maybe sometime soon...or as soon as I reach my limit.

    And if you don't want to pre-pay, and decide to join my programme only after you meet me and are convinced, that too is ABSOLUTELY FINE with me.

    Whether you pre-pay or not, you still get a FREE 45 MINUTES' CONSULTATION with me. Just that, if you don't want to pre-pay before meeting me, you will then have to pay at Rs. 1,000 per kg. That's some loss, isn't it? But what's worse, is that you may end up postponing coming to me (or going to any other dietician for that matter!) and may also end up never getting on a diet-programme that could change you for the better.

    "But, what if I am not convinced, after pre-paying you and coming for the FREE CONSULTATION?". Good question! I will refund the money paid immediately, no-questions-asked. And you would still have all my guidance about losing weight on your own! So you have nothing to lose (except your weight, ha ha!)!

    Prove them all wrong!
    Prove them you can make your weight-loss work!

    Yes. Prove them wrong this time. Prove those naysayers and sceptics that this time it's going to be different. You are going to lose weight, look and feel good. If it hurt you when they scoffed at your attempt to lose weight again, with that "oh-no-not-again" kind of a look, use that hurt positively and tell them with confidence that they will be wrong this time. I will help you. I will see you through. I will make it possible for you! Trust me, you will not waste money this time.

    Weight-loss and health are a passion for me. My greatest joy is to help people achieve that. I find no greater joy than an excited phone-call from a client who tells me she lost a kilo since last time. No greater joy than a confident recommendation from a client who happily refers me to her best-friend. No greater joy than to meet somebody suddenly after years and know that she is still the way she had achieved with me and feeling great.

    Did I mention my clients simply love me?
    Meet some of them here.

    And if you want, you can talk to them too (I have their happy permission).

    “As I sit here to write about my journey (must say not an ordeal!) from being all roly-poly to being lean, I feel like scripting the commercials that we see during late night shows, “kya aap mote hai?? Kya aapko wazan kam karna hai??? Toh le aaiye Slim Banaye Belt…” Only if it were that simple! Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and coming from a typical Indian Family we believe in “Eating Healthy” during our term. Let me acknowledge; that when I ate, it was not just healthy, but fattening too. All those mother’s recipes of conceiving a Healthier, Prettier and Stronger child, it was I who ended up Healthier, Prettier and Stronger!....... (Read More)

    Mrs. Brinda Sam Kanabar
    Place: Wadala, Mumbai





    Mrs. Seema Shah
    Place: Shivaji Park,
    Contact Number:

    “I come from a huge Gujarati family, where family get-togethers happen almost every week. And eating is the way we bond. I was very worried about how I would be able to follow any diet-plan. My husband told me not to even try. Sheetal made it very easy for me. And what I most liked about her was she was so approachable. I could call her anytime I was confused or worried. And she not just ensured that I met my target but that I actually feel good....thanks a tonne Sheetal. My husband thanks you and wants to join you soon.”

    “I am married into a strict Jain family, where we are not only NOT allowed to eat many things but also have to follow strict timings. Dieting seemed like an impossible dream for me. And with 2 small kids, I was not sure if I could follow the plan. I was terrified with the idea of starting any diet programme. Sheetal understood my challenges and planned things for me to make it both easy and possible. I am so motivated to follow the plan...only because the plan is working. I don’t even travel to meet her. WhatsApp and phone works for me most of the time.
    If I can do it, anybody can! Sorry, if Sheetal can make it work for me, she can make it work for anybody.”

    Mrs. Shivangi Mehta
    Place: Malad, Mumbai
    Contact Number:





    Ms. Rashi Raheja
    Place: Dubai
    Contact Number:
    (+91) 983-35-35-304

    "When I first met Sheetal, I wanted to get into shape REALLY FAST. I went to her suggesting that she put me on a crash-diet. Sheetal dealt with me very patiently and with her I realized the importance of a balance between workouts and diet, not falling prey to quick-fixes and working on gaining overall fitness. She gave me the confidence that I could do it the right way.
    Thanks for always being there when I needed to talk to you and see you. You made it easy. You made it possible for me. I am still the way as when I finished my programme with you in 2014! Thanks Sheetal.”

    So does it matter where you are located?

    Absolutely not! How far you are located from Santacruz (West), where I work from, will be the last of your worries, I promise you. Most of my clients don’t need to travel to meet me more than once in 15-30 days. I ensure that we manage very well by technology – mobiles, WhatsApp and email. And with an average time of 3 months* that my clients take to achieve their targets, that means travelling 2-3 times totally at the most. This, they believe to be far better than having somebody close, when they consider the overall better value they get with me – faster results with much lesser costs.*

    I have clients from Walkeshwar, from Wadala, from Malad…and also from Kolkata, Dubai and Singapore. None of my outstation clients have ever met me personally. And all have gotten results as my Mumbai-based clients have. So travelling to meet me should be the least of your worries.

    Get a FREE consultation from me, NOW!

    I will spend 45 minutes with you personally to understand you and your challenges. And will talk to you about what your goal should be and how we can work together to achieve it. I will give some “no-obligations” tips on how to eat right and what you can do on your own to start getting better. You don't pay me for that! And also choose not to sign up.

    If you do sign up, we will work together to achieve your weight-loss goals, in an “ethical, scientific way”, without “health-destroying shortcuts”! I will help you to not just lose weight, but to also feel energetic, revitalized, renewed...to really feel like you've got a "NEA ZOI" (which in Greek means a "NEW LIFE")!

    Remember, Nea-Zoi Consulting is different from regular dieticians (and better than even celebrity-ones for you):

    Results-Oriented Weight-Loss.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee.

    FREE Lifetime-Access Guarantee.

    Hurry! This one is for a VERY LIMITED TIME and will soon go! Pre-pay now to avail this offer before its gone!!

    Fast Action Bonus:
    Pay Rs. 750 Per Kg. Instead Of Rs. 1,000 Per Kg.

    CALL ME NOW ON (+91)99 308 309 62


    Let’s talk. You will feel lighter,



    Sheetal Patel, BHSc., PGDDAN (Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition)

    P.S.#1: Most people don’t lose weight because they simply don’t take action. They postpone things and never eventually get around doing it. Don’t be one of them. If you have searched for a “dietician” and come this far, you are taking positive action. Don’t give it up by postponing taking the next step. Trust me; if you don’t  CLICK-HERE-TO-CONTACT-ME   chances are you never will.

    And if you want, you've got an opportunity to  CLICK-HERE-TO-REWARD-YOURSELF-WITH-MY-FAST-ACTION-BONUS   and save even more money while achieving your weight-loss goals!

    P.S.#2: My promise of "with you till you achieve your goal"; my charges on pay-per-kilo basis that will save you a tonne of money; my personalized, one-to-one approach; my 100% Money-Back Guarantee; my promise of FREE-LIFE-TIME-ACCESS-TO-ME, my FAST ACTION BONUS that will save you even more money; the testimonials...if nothing has convinced you to at least come for the FREE 45 Minutes' Consultation with me, please at least, go meet some other dietician. Somebody you may feel more comfortable with. But please do so. Because if you leave it for some other time, you may never get to doing it. In my more than 20 years of practice, I have known many people who never lost weight although they always wanted to, because they believed they would do it “next week”. So, if you don’t want to  CLICK-HERE-TO-CONTACT-ME   now I am ok with that. But call some dietician. Trust me; this is the most important step in your weight-loss journey! Call up a dietician now. Anybody!

    P.S.#3: Ok. If losing 10 kilos in 3-4 months, isn't what you believe you can achieve with me and you can't make up your mind to  CLICK-HERE-TO-CONTACT-ME    or to call any other dietician, it's fine! Don't push yourself beyond a point. Just accept the fact that you are not prepared for weight-loss. You are not yet ready to look and feel better, experience more confidence. And when do you know, you are ready? Simple - when you'll take action instead of postpone. A dietician certainly has a critical role to play, but provided you take the first step to approach her. If you can't - any dietician - take that as a signal that you are not yet ready. Because when you are, you will not waste time. Make peace with yourself. Good luck!

    *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person

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